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Kitchens today acquire more varied functions: cooking, dining, socializing and relaxing. For those reasons, our finishing ideas as well as the design proposals are extending in such a way that will highlight the intelligent partitioning and the complex aesthetic functions.

The designes in Noua Residence demonstrate the variety of contemporary kitchens. Our finishes and kitchens arrangements adapt perfectly to the most demanding tastes of our customers.

Contemporary Design

The modern design of the bathrooms maintains its main function, but also plays a secondary role of a private space.

Contemporany design includes materials and themes which are updated according to the trends. Clean lines dominate this style. In the bathroom models of our project, you will not find architectural ornaments that will not fit in this type of design.  

The simplicity of the design replaces the overcrowding. The focus is placed on elegant materials and simple lighting for a refined feeling. The latest materials, finishes and technology find their place in these bathroom models.


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